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We train in The Mechanics of Believability, the techniques developed by Lieux Dressler to address the needs of the industry. At its core, The Mechanics of Believability is a physically-based script preparation system. We show you how to explore text thoroughly and efficiently as an actor to find interesting choices, rather than immediately narrowing options as a director or using the popular but ultimately defeatist filter of “what THEY want.” Do it. Do it now. Do it Again. These are the director’s primary demands from the table read to the final take. For a creative and successful relationship, an actor must be able to fearlessly face a director and be flexible in his work. We don’t teach you how to act, we show you how to get there quickly and reliably with no drama. ​

Spring Workshop

Welcome, all.

Audit Night

Tuesday, April 2,


Come and find out for yourself the acting world’s best kept secret. Find out how to prepare, rehearse, memorize and develop characters more quickly and more believably than you ever thought possible.

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A place for actors to workout with and master
The Mechanics of Believability. 

Commercial and Co-Star Intensive With The Mechanics of Believability.

Coaches:  Jim Blanchette &
Lisa K Wyatt

Tuesdays 7:30-10:30 pm
April 2 — May 21
We all know our craft is hard work. Our craft is much harder to show with less dialogue.

A large part of your on camera career will consist of small parts. Casting people will tell you that they know that these small parts are the most difficult parts to play, yet have difficulty directing you how. You want to show that you are capable of a good performance without overdoing. There is no need to show all of your craft, but you can’t just do nothing. This 8-week workshop will focus exclusively on the small roles that build the foundation for you entire resume.

Step by step, we’ll guide you through:

♦ Cold Reading Technique
♦ Script Prep
♦ Making Simple Choices
♦ Knowing Your Role in the Scene
♦ Buttoning a Scene
♦ Playing People, Not Professions

♦Serving the Script

Customized material will be chosen for each member of the Garage. Since the Garage is a place for working actors, members are free to bring in audition sides or material they need to work on.

Minimum Enrollment: 8
Maximum Enrollment: 16

Workshops are held in
Van Nuys, CA